S.Y.R.E.N is a singer-songwriter, electronic producer and DJ based in Australia.

We are all heading towards the future, SYREN sings in a true connection to this, this connection is available to everyone at all times, her music represents this and derives from it at the same time.

SYREN….. a wild cosmic priestess with a fine edge to her sound. Playing new material from her debut album of 2017 ‘Love A Thousand Faces’ SYREN sings over her own fresh production flavours with a taste of Trip Hop ‘n’ Trap to Conscious Electronica mixed with Ancient Tribal Bass music. Inspired by a diverse blend of Artists such as Sylvan Esso, Thievery Corporation and Fka Twigs. On stage, SYREN rocks out on her live beats, synths and smoky vocals with a diverse array of live musicians and soul dancers to evoke a sensorial techno-mythical journey into another realm.

S.Y.R.E.N’s previous five track debut EP ‘A Feather To The Sea’ was released in the summer 2013 and quickly saw the talented musician amass a loyal fan base headlining her own national tour playing to packed shows and creating special open-air shows on the beach of Darwin (Australia).

S.Y.R.E.N has won a number of accolades from award-winning soundtracks to winning international awards for her sound production on documentaries. The first album’s popular title track ‘A Feather To The Sea’ has attracted national attention including winning ‘BEST POPULAR SONG’ at Australia’s 2014 Northern Territory Music Awards.

S.Y.R.E.N’s growing as a soulful songstress and producer with a gift for blending organic and electronic sounds has seen her invited to Australia’s leading music festivals including Rainbow Serpent AUS, Strawberry Fields AUS, Earth Frequency AUS, Eclipse 2012 AUS, Woodford and Burning Man festival plus loads of others.

S.Y.R.E.N is an activist and advocate for social change, the advancement of the earth and all living beings. “The Revolution is in the Music”



“Think Portishead enmeshed with Bjork, sweet soothing beats and Lulu sings with a voice that will captivate your heart and take it passively hostage.” Howzit Garn Michelle

“Brilliant and beautiful mainlined magic murmurs of mesmerizing magnificence!” Adam Scott Miller

“She (S.Y.R.E.N) and her full 7-piece band wowed the desert audience at sunset with their debut gig” Megan Spencer

“A song inspired by a sea eagle and mountains in Mullumbimby has taken out this year’s ‘Pop’ NT Song of the Year and put the enchanting sounds of Syren into the hearts of many Territory music lovers.” Listening to a beautiful Syren – MUSIC NT ARTICLE

“Syren takes scene by storm with sweet sounds of success” Sunshine Coat Daily & Gympie Times | 2013 ARTICLE

“Darwin artist Syren says crowd-funding in the Territory will grow and change how musicians reach out to fans” NT NEWS April 2015 ARTICLE

“A title like “Fighting The Storm” definitely suggests nothing lightly sprinkled with daffodils. SYREN’s track definitely delivers something of a ‘groove-d out’ slap in the face to someone who is holding a daffodil in their face. The track drags the disfigured face through a maze of long, whisper, weeping-like vocal deliveries backed up by a reverbed drum and bass whirlpool. The lush layering of the guitars provides these dark, scary sounding, things like a monsters roar. The male vocals (who I’m assuming is Matt Kelly) definitely hit some right spots throughout the song.” review: ADAM NOT EVE ARTICLE


  1. Hey my dear, Pauly here that bought the duet from you.. here’s my link

    these are my original songs, have a listen, see what you think, It’s different from what you’re doing but could maybe could gel, at least ln the guitar lines a session guy:).. take care, Pauly

  2. Totally inspired and uplifted by your performance at the Adelaide Fringe, Channel 9 studio, March 9th… Thankyou so much …may the future be bright!!
    Well done Robbie, Rose, Christy and Tim Parish…

    Fiona Hewett-Rose, Adelaide

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